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AGON is a comprehensive swim program that works with athletes of all levels from swim lessons to adult swimming. The practice groups have been created by the coaching staff to promote a systematic, progressive development of skills.

USA Swimming Membership
All members must become members of USA Swimming or United States Masters Swimming (adults can register for United States Masters Swimming at in order to participate with Agon. This is done for insurance purposes. Registration forms are available later in this document. Forms and payment made out to Agon should be submitted to the Head Coach. Although payment is made out to Agon, we pass along 100% of the money collected to Indiana Swimming.
Athlete memberships are valid January 1 through December 31. Registrations received after September 1 are valid through December 31 of the following year (up to 16 months).
Flex membership is good for one calendar year. Individuals applying for Flex membership on or after September 1 of the current year will receive membership through December 31 of the following year. The Flex membership is available at a cost of $20 annually, to individual athletes ages 18 and under, and includes the same insurance coverage provided by the Premium membership. Flex membership restricts swimmer participation to two (2) USA Swimming sanctioned meets per year; these meets must be below the LSC Championship level. Indiana Swimming defines its LSC Championship level meets as Divisional meets and above. Flex members may choose to transition to Premium at any time during the calendar year; the cost of the Flex membership ($20) will be applied toward the cost of the Premium membership. Should a Flex member athlete qualify to swim in an LSC Championship level meet, that athlete’s Flex membership must be upgraded to a Premium membership in order to compete.
Seasonal membership is good from April 1-August 31. Seasonal athletes are afforded the same insurance coverage as the Premium membership, but seasonal athletes cannot compete “above” the ISI championships. Meets not eligible include Central Zones, Speedo Sectionals, Futures, Junior Championships, US Open, Nationals or Olympic Trials.
Outreach membership is yearly (annual) and available to qualified athletes. The purpose is to make membership available to athletes who might otherwise not be able to afford Premium (annual) membership. If an athlete participates in a reduced or free school lunch program (based on household income), and can provide documentation to Indiana Swimming, the USA Swimming/Indiana Swimming membership becomes $5. Documentation is as simple as a one- page form on the school’s letterhead indicating that the member is on a free or reduced lunch program or other form that demonstrates equivalent economic hardship. Documentation must be updated annually.
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Practice Groups

child splashing in pool

Alpha & Beta

Our learn-to-swim program. We conduct lessons in small groups (1-3 people). Athletes are grouped based on ability. Alpha & Beta practices are offered in four week long sessions.
Eligibility: Athletes must be toilet trained. No swimming experience or minimum age required.
Goals: To swim 25 yards of freestyle with effective side breathing, 25 yards of backstroke, and tread water for 1:00.
Focus: Skills vary based on ability of athletes but progress from blowing bubbles to full swimming in deep water.

person swimming in pool


All swimmers in this competitive group are eligible for USA Swimming competitions.
Eligibility: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke and freestyle with effective side breathing and tread water for 1:00.
Goals: To swim 50 yards in each stroke while becoming proficient in starts and turns.
Focus: Butterfly and breaststroke are introduced as well as competition skills of starts, turns, pullouts, and kickouts.

many people swimming laps in pool


Swimmers in this group are introduced to foundations of training.
Eligibility: Swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards in each stroke according to USA Swimming standards. Ideally swimmers would receive an IM Ready certificate from USA Swimming. Additionally, swimmers must display an ability and willingness to follow instruction.
Goals: To hone technique in all the strokes and skills in order to improve times at meets.
Focus: Swimmers learn how to swim sets in practice, use a pace clock, and develop good habits.

Person swimming


This group has a greater emphasis placed on training and aerobic development.
Eligibility: Swimmers must show a readiness for training based on their meet performance, practice attendance, physical maturation, and attitude. Ideally swimmers entering this group would have earned an IM Extreme certificate from USA Swimming and qualified for Divisional Championships.
Goals: To compete at Divisional and Age Group State Championships.
Focus: Sets of extended duration and shorter sets and/or swims of increased intensity.

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Our masters group runs with our age group program. Coaches provide a workout and go over it briefly with athletes prior to practice.
Eligibility: 18 years of age or older, no upper limit on age.
Goals: Vary from fitness to increased competitiveness in pool, open water, or triathlons based on the swimmer.
Focus: To help athletes achieve their goals.